We will accompany you and your family in your time of need

Welcome to Hebrew Funeral Association Inc of West Hartford, CT! Our company provides funeral services the Jewish traditional way. At Hebrew Funeral Association Inc, we guarantee professional and reliable work for every service we provide.

We have been serving the Jewish community for over 118 years. Our experience, and understanding will help you and your family while you are going through these difficult times.



About Hebrew Funeral Association Inc:

  • Serving Greater Hartford since 1898
  • Executive Funeral Director Leonard J. Holtz
  • Prepaid funeral trusts

24h Emergency Service available. Call us at (860) 224-2337 or 860-888-6919





For over 100 years, the Jewish community of West Hartford, Connecticut and the surrounding area has trusted Hebrew Funeral Association Inc. with providing funeral services for their friends and loved ones. 
Our experience and dedication is unmatched in the area. We will help take care of all arrangements and preparations while accompanying you through this difficult time. We aim to make the process as stress free as possible.
We guarantee professional and courteous service.
Give us a call and we will be glad to advise, counsel and assist you in this difficult time.

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Hebrew Funeral Association

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